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Other Books

The Capitola Book Company also handles a select number of books not published by the Capitola Book Company but are are written or co-written by one of our regular authors.

Bridging Across the Pacific:

The Abalone Connection Between Monterey Bay and
Minamiboso – (Bi-lingual – English and Japanese)

We have the exclusive North American distribution for this rare book on the history of the abalone diving industry in Central California.

Published in conjunction with the Abalone Festival held in Monterey in April, 2006, this book includes rare historic and contemporary photographs, and documents. Published by the Minami Boso Forum for Preserving Cultural Heritage and War Site, Tateyama City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan.

A true transpacific collaborative effort the authors include:
Nobuo Aizawa
Sandy Lydon
Masaaki Yamaguchi

And a special letter from the Governor of Chiba Prefecture, Akiko Domoto

This jacket, one of only two in the world, was
given by Mrs. Kurihara to the people of California
in 2006. It is now on display in the Monterey
Maritime Museum.

In 1995, during a visit to the Awa Prefectural Museum in Minamiboso, Sandy Lydon was shown a garment that clearly had the name “Monterey” printed on it. That was the beginning of a transpacific adventure that not only brought that ceremonial jacket to the attention of researchers in Japan and the United States, but resulted in the final conclusion that it was one of only two still existing in the world. Eventually, a second such jacket was discovered to be in the possession of the Kurihara family in the village of Chikura, on the tip of the Boso Peninsula.

In February of 2006, Sandy Lydon and Tim Thomas, Historian at the Monterey Museum of History and Art, visited Japan and were astounded to learn that the Kurihara was donating this rarest of garments to the people of California. In April 2006, a delegation brought the jacket to Monterey, and it is currently displayed in a special exhibit in the Monterey Museum of History and Art.

A Book Filled with Rare Photographs, Maps, Documents
This short book currently is the definitive work on the history of the Japanese-pioneered abalone diving industry on the California coast. It also illustrates the close connection that continues to exist between the people of Central California and the people of Chiba Prefecture, Japan.


Title: Bridging Across the Pacific: The Abalone Connection Between Monterey Bay and Minamiboso
Publication Date: 2007
Length: 36 pages
Dimensions: 7 ¼” wide by 10” high

Lavishly illustrated with color and black and white photographs; maps, timeline.

Soft Cover
List Price: $19.95

Special website price - $15.00 with free shipping!