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Santa Cruz Is in the Heart

Selected Writings on Local History, Culture, Politics and Ghosts

By Geoffrey Dunn

Geoffrey Dunn explores the diverse history of Santa Cruz County with the intensity and love that only a homeboy can. Dunn alternately embraces and slaps his hometown as he wanders its historic and contemporary by-ways, relating stories that have eluded previous writers. The figures that emerge from this book will linger long after you put it down. From Old Chepa, the “Californio” woman whose life spanned the entire 19th century, to African-American community activist, Helen Weston, Dunn tells their stories with affection. And, lest you think that all of his profiles come from the more progressive parts of Santa Cruz's tapestry, he also includes an illuminating biography and interview with Edith Manchester, one of the leaders of Santa Cruz's anti-abortion community.

"[This book] illuminates the depth
and richness of Santa Cruz history - the diversity, determination, and struggles of its people."

Christina Salvin,
City on a Hill Press

The book is punctuated with some previously unpublished photographs and drawings, as well as several original poems.

This book is a perfect addition to the library of anyone wishing to understand the spirit and character of an ever-evolving California coastal community.

Geoffrey Dunn

A fourth generation Santa Cruzan raised in the local Italian fishing community, Geoffrey Dunn is an award-winning filmmaker, historian and journalist. He has published more than 75 articles on regional history and is a regular contributor to a variety of western publications, including the San Francisco Chronicle. This past year he received the prestigious Gail Rich Award for contributions to the arts in Santa Cruz County. His films include Day on the Bay; Dollar a Day, Ten Cents a Dance; Mi Vida: The Three Worlds of Maria Gutierrez; Miss or Myth?; Chinese Gold (based on the book by Sandy Lydon); Maddalena Z; and Santa Cruz County: A Home Movie Scrap Book; and the forthcoming Calypso Callaloo. He is also the editor of the forthcoming Chinatown Dreams: The Life and Photographs of George Lee. He currently serves as Executive Director of Community Television of Santa Cruz County and as a Lecturer in Community Studies, where he recently received an Excellence in Teaching Award.

Santa Cruz is in the Heart pulls no punches. The book provides a view of Santa Cruz that few outside the town's working community have ever seen. As Dunn illustrates in his profile of Helen Weston, racism and prejudice are still alive and well. Dunn quotes "I've met more racial prejudice in California-in Santa Cruz-than I ever did in Hope [Arkansas], or anywhere else in the South for that matter." Geoffrey Dunn writes with an urgency and compassion about the town that he continues to love.

The author at Santa Cruz wharf,

"A wonderful book on our community..."
-- James D. Houston, San Jose Mercury

"Geoffrey Dunn is our Steinbeck and Sam Shepard rolled into one."
-- Lydia Munoz, Good Times

"Dunn writes about Santa Cruz as no one else ever has."
--Rick Hildreth, Good Times

-- San Francisco Chronicle

"Reading [Santa Cruz is in the Heart] has made me more aware and understanding of my surroundings-it's put a lot of things into context for me|"
Lorna Sumaraga, City on a Hill Press

Book Title: Santa Cruz Is in the Heart
Publication Date:1989
Length: pages 185
Illustrated with historic photographs

Sorry. No longer in print.
Brand-new edition coming later in 2013.

Soft Cover
ISBN – 10:0-932319-02-5
ISBN – 13: 978-0-932319-02-9

List Price: $12.95